How To select best Health Insurance Plan

There are various health insurance policies available in the market with varied feature which can confuse you. It is very common that most of the time people end up choosing a plan from which they don’t practically gain anything.

So in order to really benefit from the health insurance plans,  you should go through some checklists which will help choose right plans suiting your interest.

Understanding following features can make purchasing a health insurance plan much easier:


    • Pre & Post Hospitalisation expenses: This clause gives an idea about the period for which the expenses will be covered. Before buying a policy, always check  what is the period both prior to and post hospitalisation for which expense can be claimed. Ideally the period should be around 4-5 months say can be 1 month pre hospitalisation and 4 months post hospitalisation.


    • Cashless Treatment: Every insurance company is tied to multiple hospitals in different areas. If you buy a policy and go to any of the tied up hospitals in your area, then the whole treatment can be cashless and there is no tension of reimbursement. You just need to give your policy number and every expense will be taken care by the insurance company.


    • Premium: This is one of the important thing everyone should looks at. Since premium differs a lot from company to company, you should always check online the premium different insurance companies is charging for different plans. Sometime it happens that premium differs company to company for almost same plan. So a thorough research can save lot of your money.


    • Claim Settlement : One should always look into the past record of claim settlement percentage of insurance company. Even if the premium is less and company has a bad record of claim settlement, it may be waste to go for such plan as company may not reimburse your money. Always prefer to select one with a high claim settlement record.


    • More Tied Up Hospitals: Another important check while buying a policy should be to check whether the insurance company has tie ups with good and reputed hospitals in your area or not. If not then the insurance process can be lengthy and tiring as you will have to pay it from your pocket first and then it can be claimed for reimbursement for which you will have to provide lot of details and proof.

    • Hospital accomodation charges: Always check whether single room accommodation comes under your plan. Sometimes happens that plan doesn’t cover the single room accommodation and covers only sharing or general ward bed charges. In that case you can fail to claim the amount.